Our Facilities

  • Research & Development Centre

    To stay updated on the latest technologies and also to develop products, we have a state-of-theart Research & Development Centre that undertakes basic and applied research. This facility is equipped with a pilot polymerisation and fibre extrusion facility, supported by a modern analytical testing laboratory.

    This is a unique facility that gives us the capability to scale up the polymer and fibre developments from lab-scale to the main-line production in stages.

    Additionally, the Centre has a facility of high pressure polymerisation reaction and Computational Fluid Dynamics for advanced simulation of the processes & products.

    The infrastructure facilitates new product and process developments in a cost effective way. As a result we have developed superior Texlan technology.

    Application & Development Centre

    The Application Development Centre (ADC) is a state-of-the-art setup to study developments in fibre spinning with cotton, modified cotton and worsted systems.

    It is equipped with the full range of spinning machines which include blow room, carding, ring frames, auto-coner, open-end spinning and also has flat knit and circular knitting machines.

    The Centre helps to conduct studies on optimisation and benchmarking of different products and processes. The Centre facilitates developments of new fibre blends for a range of concept garments and applications in tune with the market demand and fashion, thus reducing the development time for our partners. A team of highly qualified professionals run the R&D and ADC.

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