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January 2012
Amicor®, Pilbloc® and Radianza® Take Textiles To Next Level.
There is an increasing disenchantment, even probably dislike, if not disdain, for the conventional textiles, which are fast giving way to the 'intelligent textiles'. This is not only due to increased awareness and concern for health issues like infection control, cross contamination, but also for 'pilling' of garments on account of repeated usage, which shortens their life span necessitating their early discard. The constant and consistent research has enabled us to opt for such textiles that are insulated from microbial infection and also avoid 'pilling' effect. The consumer needs and awareness of eco-friendliness has added another dimension that require textile manufacturers to provide eco-friendly fabrics without sacrificing vibrant colours and high uniformity of shades to meet the growing demand.

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