Birlacril™ showcased Eco-friendly Acrylic Carpet concept from its Gel-Dyed Fibre Brand RADIANZA™ and Active Anti-Allergy Carpet concept from its AMICOR™ brand of Specialty fibres in Iran during IMCI EXPO.

IMCI EXPO is the first exhibition in Kashan about machine-made carpet industry and was organized by Islamic Azad University. Kashan consumes about 40% of Iran's total Acrylic Fibre and Yarn demand. This event was attended by Spinners, Carpet manufacturers and delegates of Textile Industries from many countries. Not only visitors from Kashan carpet industry but many big yarn and carpet manufacturers from other major centers like Yazd, Mashhad, Isfahan and Tehran also visited the exhibition. Governor of Kashan also, graced the occasion with his presence.

Biswajit Chaudhuri, Chief Marketing Officer, Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ld. explained that, “Dyeing of acrylic fiber and yarn is extremely water intensive and consumes 40 cubic meter of water per 1 metric ton of fiber. It also consumes a huge amount of invaluable power and energy in the process. As a solution to these major issues, Radianza™ is a READY-TO-USE Dyed Acrylic Fibre which is dyed during fiber manufacturing at normal temperature in fiber’s GEL STATE - consuming less than 1 cubic meter water per 1 metric ton of dyed fibre and saving enormous amount of power and energy. Radianza™ is “THE ANSWER” to stringent Environment Norms for dyeing industry. Using Radianza™ fibers to make dyed yarn / fabric can save Water, Power, Energy, Environment and Our World for a better life of future generations.”

On Amicor Carpet concept, He explained “As per WHO study, HDM (House dust mites) allergens are the major cause of asthma globally. Amicor™ based carpets provide effective Protection from House dust mite Allergens, as well as Bacteria/ Fungi. Due to patented “Late Injection Technology”, Amicor Performance remains active even after multiple washes and its safe even for babies. This means comfort, protection and more peace of mind”