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Kuka Home Launched Amicor™ Mattress

Hangzhou, China, May 17, 2017– Kuka Home one of the best-known Home Products Listed Company in China launched Amicor™ Mattress and Kuka Mattress is the 3rd Largest Mattress Brand in China, 300,000 pieces Mattress sales every year. Kuka Amicor™ Mattress helps for a fresh and healthy sleep. Studies reveal that, House Dust Mite (HDM) allergens DER P1 is the key sensitizer to various allergies namely asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema etc. Almost 90% of the people affected by asthma have been found to get sensitized by HDM allergens. As House Dust Mites prefer warm and humid conditions for living, so Mattresses, Protector Pads, Duvets, Pillows etc. are heavily infested with house dust mites and related DER P1 allergens. To counter this problem, Kuka introduced Amicor™ in their Mattress. The technology used is such that it is safe for health as no harmful chemicals are added to get anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-allergen. Amicor™ brand fiber is certified by British Allergy Foundation, Oeko Tex Class 1 and REACH SVHC. It is safe even for babies and elderly people.

“Take Care of Home, Love Home”, said Kuka Home Founder - Mr Gu Yuhua during Amicor Mattress Launch Conference. Kuka Home is known for its customer centricity and keeps on developing high quality product to offer a cozy family environment for their customers. Kuka always wants their customers have a safer, healthier Home. Kuka Amicor Mattress is New Choice.

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Kuka Home Founder: Mr Gu Yuhua

Mr Gu Yuhua

Brand Spokesman: Mr Deng Chao (Famous Film Actor, Film Director)

Mr Deng Chao

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