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    Amicor is one of the most premium anti-microbial fibre brands in the world. Amicor brand anti-bacterial and anti-fungal performance fibres provide effective and durable microbial control across all textile materials. The growth of microbes in textiles causes odour-problems and allergies. Amicor brand fibre protects the textile material from these microbes and helps in preventing allergy and infections caused by some of these bacteria and fungi.

    Amicor brand is endorsed by a number of internationally renowned certifying authorities like the British Allergy Foundation (Allergy Seal of Approval, Red Cross Hospital, Barcelona [Creu Roja Catalunya]) and a measurable benchmark from the World Health Organization, which makes Amicor the best choice for consumers.

    Products that carry the Amicor Trademark are consistent and of high quality, designed to provide a healthier living environment.

    Key Benefits:

    • Anti-bacterial, anti-odour
    • Anti-fungal, anti-house dust mite
    • Durable, long-lasting action
    • Clinically tested with proven benefits
    • Gentle, safe and soft


    • Socks, inner wear and outer wear
    • Bed and bedding
    • Medical uniforms and textiles
    • Mops and wipes


    • REACH SVHC, Allergy UK “Seal of Approval”

    For more information please contact us:
    E-mail: amicor.taf@adityabirla.com
    Web: www.amicorpure.co.uk

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    Denier Dtex Length (mm) Lustre Type
    1.2, 1.5, 3.0, 6.0 - 38, 51, 64 Bright Regular
    3 3.3 146 KTEX Bright Tow

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