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  • Warmos™

    Presenting Warmos – a unique fibre from Birlacril that provides excellent bulk, resilience, comfort and the soft feel of wool. Warmos fibre, when knitted into apparel, imparts warmth and comfort, making it the ideal fibre for winter wear.

    Warmos is a conjugate fibre, having a bilateral, bi-component coiled-crimped structure that provides excellent elasticity and bulk. Simply put, the fibre is made up of two polymer components that are conjugated together like bi-metal and it exhibits differential shrinkage to heat. So, it develops excellent bulk and resilience when compared to the normal crimp of standard mono-component fibre.

    Key Benefits:

    • Rounder, loftier and bulkier yarn.
    • Wool-like spiral crimp and hand-feel; use of 35-40% in blend is enough to get that feel.
    • High covering property.
    • 3-tier effect on yarn with shrinkable type.


    • Knitted fabric (Jersey, Sweaters)
    • Hand Knit Yarn
    • Carpets

    Product Range:

    • Two types of Warmos™ fibre – regular and shrinkable
    • 2, 3, 5 deniers
    • Cut lengths 61mm, 64mm
    • Fibre, Tow, Tops


    • Oeko Tex™

    For more information please email : warmos.birlacril@adityabirla.com

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