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  • Durashine™

    Presenting Durashine from Birlacril, for weather-resistant and attractive outdoors. By using Durashine you can ensure excellent colour fastness to sunlight, durability to mechanical or chemical weathering and resistance to UV radiation. It also comes in a wide range of hues, each customizable as per requirement. In short, a perfect product for outdoor applications. Durashine is produced with a special wet spinning process, a technology that imparts excellent colour retention and strong weather resistance to any fabric made out of it.

    Key Benefits:

    • Permanent new-look
      - Excellent light fastness compliant to ISO 105-B02:1994 (E)
      - Superior UV Protection Factor
    • Long-term strength and durability
      - Withstands harsh climates and weathering with negligible loss in fabric strength
      - Resistant to mechanical abrasion


    • Awnings
    • Sun Umbrellas
    • Outdoor Furniture and Upholsteries
    • Marine Exterior and Decorative

    Product Range:

    • 2.0 denier
    • Cut length 51mm
    • Fibre


    • Oeko Tex™

    For more information please email : durashine@adityabirla.com

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