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  • Pura™

    Pure. White. Presenting Pura™, a snow white fibre from Birlacril™ that offers brilliant, long-lasting whiteness. With Pura™ you get uniformly white brightness in every lot size and better reproducibility of the same whiteness which contributes to the consistency of the product quality, even at the end of the production cycle. The superior whiteness of this fibre makes it perfectly suitable for dress code materials and export purposes. And since the fabric is also whitened at the manufacturing stage itself, this is also an extremely eco-friendly product.

    Key Benefits:

    • User-friendly and does not necessitate a bleaching process at spinner or dyer end
    • Thermally stable fibre and non-degradable in terms of whiteness under heat treatment
    • Does not get yellowish even at high temperatures
    • Whiteness remains unchanged after bulking
    • Whiteness index is 153.0


    • Sweaters, jerseys, inner wear, shirts, socks and hand knit garments
    • Woven upholstery, curtains and woven cloth
    • High-pile Boa, blanket (Mayer) and fur fabric

    Product Range:

    • 1.5 to 10 denier
    • 32mm to 140mm
    • Fibre, Tow, Tops


    • Oeko Tex™
    For more information please contact:pura.birlacril@adityabirla.com

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