• Smart. Clean. Soft.

    Imagine a fabric devoid of pilling even after countless washes? Well, now it’s for real. Presenting Pilbloc™ – a range of anti-pill fibre known for its softness and unique hand-feel. Pilbloc™ resists pilling over repeated use and washing.

    As a result, it slows down the ageing process of the apparel. This is why knitwear and other apparel woven out of Pilbloc™ look as good as new after every wash. Fabric made from Pilbloc™ resists pilling throughout its lifetime.

    What’s more, Pilbloc™ blends quite easily with other fibres as well and enhances their pill performance. Garments made with Pilbloc™ have cashmere feel, vibrant colours, bright and natural luster, excellent wash and easy care aesthetics. Pilbloc™ is very suitable for school sweaters and fashion apparel, apart from other products.

    Applications: Sweaters, pullovers, innerwear, socks, t-shirts, jerseys, sportswear, fashion apparel and winter wear (wool blends).